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11th Season for Captain Phillips

11th Season for Captain Phillips

Captain Jonathan Phillips will compete in his 11th season for the club next year after the Steelers confirmed he had signed a new one year contract.

The club captain has played in 604 games for the Steelers since arriving from Cardiff in 2006 scoring 127 goals and 355 points placing him 9th on the all time Steelers scoring chart.

Head coach Paul Thompson said “we sat down with Jonno a month or so ago and started negotiations. He is an unsung hero for this club and you can see why he has been a captain here all these years

“Some question him because they think he is a quiet guy but he’s not. He talks when he needs to talk and he leads this club on the ice, off the ice as well as being a great connection between the team and the coaching staff.

“I remember Jonno signing for the Steelers 11 years ago – then he was part of the new generation of British players, now I guess he is one of the old guard. He has won so much since he has been here and been such a huge part of what the club has achieved.

“Jonno brings so much leadership and he is always positive. He is the glue a lot of the times that many don’t see. He doesn’t take any nonsense, this is his club, a bit like Hewey, they will stand up and tell people if they don’t think they are pulling their weight. You need people like that on your team. People like them are going out of the game because no one likes to offend anyone anymore but if your going to win then sometimes you have to offend people and he isn’t afraid to do that

“If we are building a core group here then Jonathan Phillips is right in the middle of that core”

Phillips has been awarded a testimonial by the Steelers to thank him for his incredible service, the 2016-17 season will be his 11th in the Orange jersey “Of course I’m delighted to have re-signed” he said “I don’t want to go anywhere, this is my home and this is my club. I don’t want to turn up at any other rink in the morning and put any other shirt on

“I have to thank Paul for having the trust in me to re-sign me and also to Tony for allowing me a testimonial. As a player to be awarded such an honour by his club is something that means a lot to me. I don’t take it for granted and I thank the whole Steelers organisation for this.

“Years service, games played, testimonials are all very nice but what really matters when you hang your skates up is what you’ve won. Its what this club has been about from the day I arrived. I hope I have helped continue that tradition. I want it to continue this year, next and after as well.

“The club is moving forward, that’s clear for all to see. Every year we seem to grow, get more professional and stronger. Already you can see what Paul is trying to achieve moving forward. I think we have a great core group and I’m sure many more will be added to the list of returnee’s ahead of next year. I’m proud to captain this team, this club. It’s nice to get the contract signed and out of the way early as we all want to concentrate on this final push for another league title”

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