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13th Season for Captain Phillips as Roster Confirmed.

13th Season for Captain Phillips as Roster Confirmed.

13th Season for Captain Phillips
As the Steelers confirm their returnee’s for 2018-19

Jonathan Phillips will once again lead the Sheffield Steelers next season after agreeing to return to the club for a 13th season.

Phillips joined the Steelers in 2006 and took over the Captaincy a year later. In the time that has followed he broke the club record for most appearances (now 759) and has scored 143 goals, 256 assists for 399 points.

As well as captaining the GB side Phillips has broken all club records for a Steelers captain after lifting 4 league championships and 3 play off titles during his time with the club.

“A no brainer” was how head coach Paul Thompson described the decision to bring Phillips back

“The best captain I’ve ever had, a man who cares about the values of the Steelers and the glue that holds many things together here” continued Thompson.

“The work ethic he brings to the rink every day is contagious. His fitness levels are off the chart and his desire remains the same today as when I first met him. For both club and Country he is a leader and warrior and we are lucky to have him at this club”

Phillips was delighted to be returning once again “I don’t want to go anywhere else” he said “this is my club and I think everyone knows just how much I care for this place

“We have created many fantastic memories here and we aren’t finished yet. This is the most incredible building to play in with the most fantastic team mates, coaches and staff. We all do our best day in and day out to put in the maximum effort to provide the fans with a great product and winning team. Most years we have been successful and we all aim to be again next season

“It’s going to be an exciting summer. Strange in many ways as many long time team mates will be heading to pastures new. We will welcome the new faces into the room and ensure they know the strong and long lasting values we have built here over the years.

“The summers aren’t very long any more. We have just finished with GB and already we have started to look ahead to pre season and our training camp. We wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Thompson also confirmed that the club had re-signed goalie Brad Day to a one-year extension.

Day joined the Steelers in 2015 and has played under Tyler Plante, Marek Pinc and Ervins Mustukovs in recent years.

“This will be Brad’s 4th year with” said Thompson “He is a likeably guy and a player we are pushing hard to take to the next level

“Brad has had limited ice time. We feel he has got to be knocking on the door to gain more game time, which he is more than capable of in order that we can lighten the load of next seasons starter”.

Import forward Mathieu Roy joins the remaining “Brit Pack” as the Steelers commence their summer re-building programme.

Phillips and Day join Ben O’Connor, Robert Dowd, Davey Phillips, Cole Shudra and Kieran Brown as the core of the clubs home grown talent. The Steelers do expect forward Liam Kirk to be playing in North America next season.

  • O Connor
  • Roy
  • Unknown

“We have a great core, a winning core” said Thompson “this is a core of men who care as well. They are the heart beat of the Steelers

“My job is to add quality around them in the right area’s and that is what we are in the process of doing this summer”

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