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3 Point Night for Tanner: Steelers 3-1 Panthers

3 Point Night for Tanner: Steelers 3-1 Panthers

A stunning night at the Arena with Tanner Eberle leading the way with a 3 point night in a 3-1 victory over the Panthers.

Over 8,415 fans filled the Arena and cheered the Steelers on in a 60-minute display of emotion, character and heart.

After a scoreless first period, the Steelers took the lead through Captain Jonathan Phillips – Tanner Eberle with a pass that rebounded off Phillip’s skates.

Controversy surrounded the Panthers equalising goal. Nottingham thought they had scored but play went on and it was only when there was a break of play did the Panthers ask for the decision to be challenged. After the video review, the goal stood and was awarded to Alex Bolduc.

Steelers quickly regained the lead when Josh Pitt finished nicely with Johnson and Eberle assisting at 29.57

The game went from end to end in the remaining 30 minutes with Jackson Whistle outstanding between the pipes.

The Panthers pulled their goalie for the final minute and threw everything they had at Whistle’s net.

As the clock counted down Tanner Eberle rounded off an outstanding night with an empty net goal in the final second.

Eberle’s goal was his 3rd point of the night, he was the Steelers man of the match, and skated the Eddy.

Steelers travel to Coventry on Sunday for a 4 point game against the Blaze.

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