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AAG & Steelers with a Great Message for the Kids

AAG & Steelers with a Great Message for the Kids

Sheffield Steelers Join Up with AAG Systems for community programme.

Sheffield based IT specialists, AAG Systems, has partnered with the Steelers to deliver their community programme for the forthcoming season. The partnership will involve Steelers’ players and AAG Systems’ technical staff visiting local schools to promote safer use of IT, ranging from surfing the web through to safe use of technology.

Each school that participates in the scheme will be invited down to Sheffield Arena to see the Steelers in action. AAG Systems’ managing director, Alexa Greaves explains why the company was motivated to get involved, “As a board we all have children in local schools, as company we encounter many hazards that children could meet when embracing technology, what better way could there be to directly deliver the message of making IT safe? Often children will engage with IT more quickly and more thoroughly than parents, careers and those in schools so we see the partnership with the Steelers as an ideal opportunity to speak to the children from a position of knowledge, and to help the adults to keep abreast of the latest issues and solutions.”

Steelers commercial Manager Mike O’Connor confirmed the partnership saying “we welcome AAG on board with the club. I am confident that by working together we will be able to deliver a strong and important message to the all of the kids we see as part of our schools programme.

“We have several community partners this season all helping us deliver important messages to our young fans. In this day and age i can’t think of too many ore important than this one. The modern world we live in can be a dangerous place and with the help of AAG we will point this out to both the children and their parents”

As part of the programme AAG Systems will also have a presence at the Steelers’ games through various promotional opportunities.

“Many of our staff are very keen Steelers fans, as you can imaging they are delighted that we are getting behind their favourite team,” concluded Greaves.

IMAGE: Steelers goalkeeper Frank Doyle and forward Tyler Mosienko  with the AAG Systems board, from left to right, Joey Hemingbrough, director of sales, strategy & innovation, Alexa Greaves, managing director and Michelle Walker, finance director.

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