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Aiden and William Were Our Special Guests on Sunday

Aiden and William Were Our Special Guests on Sunday

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house on Sunday when 8 year old Aiden Dodd-Marsh walked onto the ice hand in hand with Steeler Dan.

The 8 year old boy was here to “Ring the Bell” after 3 years fighting cancer – he had beat it and we all wanted to join in with the celebrations.

None more so than his two big friends on the team, Evan McGrath and Jordan Owens. They had been to see Aiden in hospital the week before and were on hand to assist with his big moment.

Playersd and fans from both sides stood and cheered as the “Bell Rang” around the Arena.

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After the game Aiden and young William Fewkes, aged just 3 were invited into the dressing room to meet the guys.

Just 8 days ago William was in a coma. Steelers players all signed a “Get Well Soon” card and Ben O’Connor visited William at him home on Friday. Now it was his turn to visit our house.

Aiden made his way to his old friends Evan and Jordan for the first shot.

Then photo’s with Jonas Westerling, Josh Pitt, Tanner Eberle, Justin Buzzeo and Ben O’Connor.

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Ben O’Connor introduced young William to the team after the game – the two have become “Best Mates” over the past few days.

William was only three days out of hospital and is still having tests and treatments – his face lit up the Steelers dressing room.

After Benny, William went for a tour of the room.

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As the guys started to leave the dressing room for home, Williams Mom wondered where her son had gone, heading back into the dressing room she found her boy just chilling out with Aaron Johnson.

A big thank you to all the guys and to both families of Aiden and William – see you again soon guys.

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