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Another “2 Shirt” SOYB Online Raffle

Another “2 Shirt” SOYB Online Raffle

Another new SOYB online raffle has commenced with the draw taking place on Wednesday at 8pm

Tickets are priced at £1 each.

Like the last raffle there will be two winners

The first winner will chose a shirt of their choice whilst the second prize will win the game worn shirt of Alex Graham.

On Sunday Anne Moore won the shirt of Anthony DeLuca and Anna Shelvin won Kieran Brown’s shirt..

Now it’s your turn to win. Just click the link below and join the SOYB online raffle. It’s so easy to enter.

Thank you Sheffield, your participation in these raffles is very much appreciated.

Shirts not available #10, #14, #15, #20, #63 & #88

Buy your SOYB online raffle tickets “HERE”

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