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Anthony DeLuca Suspended for 2 Games

Anthony DeLuca Suspended for 2 Games

Steelers forward Anthony DeLuca has been suspended for 2 games following an incident in Saturday’s home defeat to the Guildford Flames.

Read below the Dops verdict and watch the supporting video.

On Saturday night in Sheffield (9.10.21), Steelers forward Anthony DeLuca delivered a kick to the body of Flames goaltender Kevin Lindskoug.

As the video shows, Steelers forward DeLuca is heading to the goal net after releasing a shot at the hash marks, looking for the rebound from Lindskoug. His teammate picks up the rebound and scores the Steelers’ second goal. DeLuca safely stops himself outside of the blue paint, however during the celebrations he moves into the restricted area. With Lindskoug on the ice unable to protect himself, DeLuca, fully aware and looking at Lindskoug, draws his right leg back and delivers a kick towards the body of Lindskoug.

This is kicking. Players regularly become entangled or in the goal crease in close proximity to the goaltender, and other players regularly remove themselves and/or avoid contact safely and legally without putting themselves or their opponents at the risk of injury.

It is important to note that the kick was not forceful. We have always been clear that force is an important consideration for on ice-officials, as well as DOPS in assessing penalties and or discipline, with more substantial penalties being handed out for more forceful or violent infractions. However, we must emphasise that using a skate or skate blade to make intentional or reckless contact with an opponent, regardless of the purpose, is entirely different to a hit that involves a player’s body or stick, as there is minimal force required to dangerously cut or injure an opponent.

Therefore, while we agree that this play isn’t malicious, any player who intentionally and carelessly uses his skate to contact an opponent, no matter the amount of force used engaging in kicking, is putting his opponent at immediate risk of serious injury and such plays will not be permitted.

To summarise: this is Kicking, DeLuca is not classified as a repeat offender.

Effective immediately, Sheffield Steelers #15 Anthony Deluca is fined and suspended for two games.

Key Points:

  • Kicking
  • Not a repeat offenderWatch the Dops Video – HERE

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