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Arrived in Minsk

Arrived in Minsk

The Steelers have arrived in Minsk and found themselves in an incredible city, a fantastic arena and superb hotel.

Day 1 has been a hard long travel day starting at 1am when the players started to arrive at ICE Sheffield to get on the bus to Gatwick airport.

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Once at the airport the bags were unloaded and two hours later the team were on the plane to Minsk.

Once we touched down the team headed to the fantastic 5 year old arena to unload their gear. What a facility. Great dressing rooms and staff area’s.

On to the 5 Star hotel, the boys checked in and then had a team meal before heading to their rooms. Minsk is 3 hours ahead of the uk. Its an early night but they have had a long day.

Steelers skate tomorrow afternoon.

Full coverage on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course on the STAR web site with Jonathan Phillips live blog.

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