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“Back to Winning Ways” says Dowdy Ahead of Wednesday’s Dundee Clash.

“Back to Winning Ways” says Dowdy Ahead of Wednesday’s Dundee Clash.

“We need to get back to winning ways right away” says star forward Robert Dowd ahead of tonights EIHL clash against Dundee Stars.

“The great thing about our sport is that after the disappointment of the weekends results we can get right back on the ice in another game just a few days afterwards

“I think we were a little shell shocked at the weekend. We played two very good games, especially the one in Cardiff and came away with just a point – we deserved so much more than that

“We are a confident bunch though and we will keep on playing our way. The chances we created last weekend have been converted in previous games, we will all work hard to make sure they are in the games coming up as well.

“If we keep playing the way we are then we will win a lot more games than we lose.

“Dundee showed us in our first game up there how dangerous they are. Like us they skate well and can turn defence into offence in the blink of an eye. They have some very smart players who are excellent around the net.

“We will go into the game respectful but also confident that we can pick the points up – we have too, its as simple as that”

Steelers Vs. Dundee Stars
Wednesday 14th December
ICE Sheffield
Face Off 7.30pm
Tickets: 0114 256 5656
Book on Line: Click HERE Now:

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