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Blaze take points on the road – Steelers 3 – 4 Blaze

Blaze take points on the road – Steelers 3 – 4 Blaze

Midweek hockey was back for the first time of the 21/22 season which saw us take on the Coventry Blaze at the Utilita Sheffield Arena in Elite League action. A Wednesday night saw an impressive crowd in attendance during the half term break. A quick shout out also going to the travelling Blaze supporters who showed up with an impressive following.

Team news was that Fox had a full squad at his disposal and Brust was the chosen netminder to make the start, backed up by Ben Churchfield.

The starting 6 announced as:

#33 Barry Brust


#17 Evan Mosey

#77 Keaton Ellerby


#15 Anthony DeLuca

#90 John Armstrong

#20 Jonathan Phillips

It was a game of penalties and the team that took the advantage ultimately came out on top.

The first period started with two penalties against the Blaze at 4.01 and 4.36 and the Steelers took advantage on the second through Marco Vallerand who seems to be settling into his groove and roofed a big shot over Motte. Connolly picking up an assist with his work down low who worked it to Vallerand with Armstrong picking up a second assist.

After seeing off a penalty at 7.49, the Steelers were on the wrong end of a 5 on 3 when both Latal and Todd were called for penalties on the same play, tripping and holding the stick respectively.

After killing off the 5 on 3 impressively, the Blaze were on the board 13 seconds later as Luke Ferrara found the back of the net. Assists to Janne Kivilahti and Nathanael Halbert. Goal timed at 15.42.

The Steelers hit back pretty quickly on another powerplay at 16.58 after a great bit of passing work between Robert Dowd, Kevin Schulze and goalscorer Marco Vallerand who picked up his second of the night.

We headed into the 2nd period with a one goal advantage, 2-1.

Rather than typing, it was quicker to show the start of the 2nd period in relation to penalties in picture format…

The main controversy came at 25.57 when #44 Dane Gibson received a match ban for spearing on Brendan Connolly. Captain Jono and Laakkonen then had a round of verbals and jabs before the ref jumped in early and gave them both 5 minutes for fighting with an extra 2 to Laakkonen for holding.

The Blaze pulled the game level at 37.11 via Luke Ferrara when he scored his second of the night with 2 seconds left on the Powerplay. Assisted by Dillon Eichstadt. 2-2.

The Steelers took the lead back only 61 seconds later at 38.12 when CJ Motte dealt with the first shot from Evan Mosey well, but it fell nicely for Matias Sointu on the doorstep who picked up his first goal for the club. Second assist to Brendan Connolly.

That took us into the 3rd period with the same one goal advantage at 3-2.

Unfortunately for the Steelers the third period can be summed up with two powerplays and two goals for the Coventry Blaze.

The first powerplay coming at 40.18 through a Barry Brust trip which the Blaze took advantage of in only 8 seconds to level the game as the puck got through Brust and trickled home. Goal scored by Janne Kivilahti and assisted by Evan Bloodoff. 3-3.

The nail in the coffin came at 43.17 when only 13 seconds earlier Connolly was called for roughing, and the Blaze once again took advantage when Janne Laakkonen’s shot was originally saved by Brust, but he couldn’t locate the rebound which was easily tapped in by Ryan Penny. Johnny Curran also picking up an assist on the play.

That was all she wrote as the Steelers went down 4 goals to 3 in favour of the Blaze and another 2 points were lost in the league race.

We are back in Cup action on Friday night against the Manchester Storm in Altringham before a return Cup fixture at home the following night. See you there Sheffield.

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