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Collect Your “Face in the Crowd” on Monday 7th June

Collect Your “Face in the Crowd” on Monday 7th June

The #2021EliteSeries was a great success and one reason was the incredible fan interaction before and during the event.

One way many fans interacted was with the popular “Face in the Crowd”

The Steelers have now received the cut outs that decorated the Lower Parliament Street Arena in Nottingham and these are now ready to be distributed to the fans that bought them.

The Steelers have confirmed that they will be holding a special night inside the Steelers Sports Bar on Monday 7th June where head coach Aaron Fox will be present with a couple of members of the #2021EliteSeries side in order that fans can attend and collect their “Face in the Crowd” cut outs.

Details of this event …..

Monday 7th June
From 6.00pm
Steelers Sports Bar
2A Birley Moor Rd,
Sheffield S12 2AU
Web Site: HERE


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