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Cullen Eddy Confirms His Retirement.

Cullen Eddy Confirms His Retirement.

Cullen Eddy will return home this summer with two Elite Ice Hockey League Championships after announcing his retirement from the sport.

“Two championships, I think that’s a good way to go out on the back of” he said “my self and my wife have had an amazing experience here in Sheffield. Life changing. We have loved every minute of our time here but now its time to move on. I have opportunities back home and this is the right time to go and explore them

“I came to Sheffield to win and to take my Masters at the University of Sheffield. It’s been tough to combine the two but its been rewarding. The Steelers and the University of Sheffield have been outstanding with me

“I will of course miss lots of things, especially the guys in the room and the camaraderie we have had in Sheffield over the last two years”

Eddy Lachowicz 1400

Head coach Paul Thompson’s says Eddy will be missed “he is one of the players I have enjoyed coaching the most” he said “he is a pleasure to be around. Always enthusiastic, his glass never half empty. When times were tough and things not going the way we would like it he was the one that kept the spirits high, kept things positive.

“The way he combined his studies with hockey was a credit to him, a complete professional. He will be missed very much indeed and we all wish him the very best going forward. I’m sure he will join the testimonial circuit and will visit us again soon”

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