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Date for the Steelers Head Shave – Changed to the 29th December vs Manchester

Date for the Steelers Head Shave – Changed to the 29th December vs Manchester

There has been a change of date for the Steelers “Head Shave” that was due to take place on the 22nd December – it will now take place after the game against Manchester on Saturday 29th December.

Ben O’Connor, Robert Dowd, Jonathan Phillips, Aaron Johnson, Tanner Eberle, and Simmsey will all be having their heads shaved in aid of the charity Prevent Breast Cancer.

Prevent Breast Cancer is the chosen charity of Vicki Thomas, wife of Steelers legend Mark Thomas.

Vicki is presently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer and after all the Thomas family have done for the Steelers we want to give something back to them.

Ben O’Connor headed the group of Steelers players who will be having their heads shaved “It was an easy ask” he said “the guys were only to willing to help.

“Some of course knew and played with Mark here and some didn’t have a clue who he was but just wanted to help

“I know the fans will stick around after the game to watch this, I’m a little nervous but it’s nothing compared to what our friend Vic and many other women are going through so please support it by donating”

Donate “HERE” to Prevent Cancer and Support the Boy’s with the Sponsored Head Shave

Captain Jonathan Phillips said “As soon as Mark told us about Vic we all immediately wanted to support her and the family.

“It’s a horrible illness but it’s treatable and Vic is getting the best treatment available right now.

“Vic has already raised over £13,000 for Prevent Breast Cancer and we want to help add to that so we have set up this Just Giving page for the head shave

“I think we all remember how much Mark and his family gave the Steelers, Vic was a big part of that so this is the very least we can do to support her”

The Steelers 6 will have their heads shaved after the game on Saturday 29th December against Manchester Storm. The head shave will replace the player signings that night on concourse level.

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