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“Disappointed But Not Surprised” says Thompson.

“Disappointed But Not Surprised” says Thompson.

Steelers head coach Paul Thompson said he was “disappointed but not surprised” upon hearing the decision that the club had been prevented from being able to bring forward the game against the Coventry Blaze, 24 hours before the Challenge Cup final in Cardiff.

“Listen, Cardiff are invoking a league rule which I guess is their right. I know if the roles had been reversed i wouldn’t have done the same thing. I’d like to think that we are bigger than that

This is a league rule i was unaware of and i believe was never brought in for instances such as this. Surely the EIHL Challenge Cup Final should be a great league event not a game where one team is penalised for making it that far.

“If we needed any more motivation to win the cup, and i don’t think we did, then the Devils have certainly just given that to us

“See you in Cardiff”

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