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“Disappointed but Proud” – Thompson

“Disappointed but Proud” – Thompson

The first comment Paul Thompson made after tonight’s game was aimed at the army of traveling Steelers fans. “I can’t thank them enough for their efforts and support this weekend. They were amazing and gave us energy. Of course we regret we couldn’t give them a little more to cheer about tonight but thank you”

Thompson confirmed that he had a tired group inside his dressing room “Right now we aren’t thinking of Minsk next week” he said “we just need to get home and rest up. We have had 6 games in 14, 15 days and we are pretty beat up

“Credit Belfast tonight, the reeled us in and we bit

“We gave everything we had last night and emptied the tank. Therefore tonight we had to be smart and disciplined

“Andreas was our best player last night and tonight Rutherford got under his skin and he reacted. Rutherford is good at that. It wasn’t our game plan

“The penalties came and the Giants took their chances, credit to them. We then took tired penalties, ones we wouldn’t normally take.

“The boys never gave up though, they remained positive as we tried everything we could to get back in the game

“We have come a long way in the past few weeks and I’m proud how we have stuck together and battled through a difficult time, i think its 7 out of 8 wins which in this league is good going.

“Lets get home as soon as we can, rest up and then plan for next weekend”


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