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UPDATE: Dowdy News.

UPDATE: Dowdy News.

Saturday morning update:

Robert Dowd has spent time with the Steelers medical staff today and had a special knee brace fitted for until he returns home to Sheffield.

Steelers leading goal scorer Robert Dowd will play no further part in the 2018 Continental Cup Final in Minsk.

The GB International suffered knee ligament damage inside the first 10 minutes of the first period of tonight’s 5-1 loss to Nomad Astana.

Captain Jonathan Phillips said “It was a nasty hit and as soon as it happened we could all tell that Dowdy was in trouble

“I’ve had those injuries before and they are frustrating. Knowing Dowdy as I do he will be feeling bad right now. He lives to play the game and being out will be eating away at him. He is a determined person though and he will be back as quickly as possible I’m sure”

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