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Four Years Ago Today “We Won the League”

Four Years Ago Today “We Won the League”

The 20th March, 2016 and the Steelers win the EIHL championship.

A long bus journey to Fife on a cold Sunday morning but a trip that seemed so much quicker on the return home.

Fife Flyers 1-3 Steelers was the final score and a result that ensured back-to-back league titles for the Steelers.

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The trophy was lifted and the hundreds of Steelers fans who had made their way to Fife were on their feet.

The characters of that team shone through, the smiles, the elation, what a night.

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Marek Pinc the Steelers goalie who took us to a title, head coach Paul Thompson and top goal scorer, the King, Mathieu Roy.

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Celebrations on the ice were nothing to those off it, firstly in the dressing room in Fife.

The music blasted, the drink flowed, this was going to be a long night after such a tough season.

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The Steelers family win again and there is no better shot than to end a story with the words Steelers family than this one.

Have a great Day Sheffield and stay safe.

The Steelers.

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