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Fox Explains the Meland Departure Announcement.

Fox Explains the Meland Departure Announcement.

Steelers head coach Aaron Fox has explained this morning to Steelers fans the reasoning for not confirming the departure of popular player Eric Meland before or after the game on Sunday.

Fox said “I just wanted to apologise to the fans last night in regards to the decision on not announcing Eric Meland leaving to all of you.

“This wasn’t a decision made by the organisation, they actually wanted to after the game and asked me on my way off the bench if they could announce it. I didn’t want them too for sporting reasons.

I wasn’t aware of the send off the guys had in store for him which made this almost impossible to keep quiet at that stage.

“My decision was strictly from a sporting result side of things.  We had lost Josef Hrabal in the 1st period to injury and he didn’t return, Bettauer isn’t cleared until after Thursday and we still have others banged up so my mindset was let’s make sure we are healthy enough on Monday and Tuesday and don’t need Eric for our Wednesday game before this gets announced.

“As I watched this all unfold with his teammates after the fact I realised we should have announced it and given him and all of you fans an opportunity to give him a proper send-off

“So for that, I do apologise, but I’m sure you see my side of the decision”


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