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“I Felt Humbled” said Thompson

“I Felt Humbled” said Thompson

Head coach Paul Thompson said he felt “humbled” handing Liam Kirk and Cole Shudra their first Steelers shirts on Tuesday evening

“It was humbling” Thompson confirmed “here were two young lads about to embark on a professional career. I felt proud I was the one giving them this opportunity

“Cole (Shudra) and Liam’s parents were both there whilst we handed the shirts over and took the photographs. You just got the feeling this was a special moment


“I look back to when I was their age, sure times are different now but what I wouldn’t have given for the chance these two boys have. 16 and 17, full time professional hockey players with the Sheffield Steelers

“Both lads have earned their rights to be here. Nothing has been given to them. They have committed and shown me over the past few months just how much they want it. Liam’s school has been very accommodating allowing him a morning off a week to skate with us. Young Cole you just can’t keep away


“I did feel old when I realised Cole was signing for us. I was a part of the Solihull Barons team that his Dad joined in the late 80’s. Then I signed Ronnie as a player in Coventry and now I have his lad playing for me. Shudra and Steelers go hand in hand, and seeing Cole looking up at his Dad’s retired shirt in the rafters sent a few tingles down the spine


“Liam is a Steelers through and through as well. His parents watched us from season one. They only stopped when Liam started playing himself. I looked at their faces yesterday, they were close to bursting with pride

“Both sets of parents should be proud of their boys. As parents they have committed to help get their kids to where they are today. Without their support they wouldn’t be here right now. It was a big moment for them as well as the young lads”

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