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“Its a New Adventure For Me” says Westerling

“Its a New Adventure For Me” says Westerling

“It’s a new adventure for me” is how new signing Jonas Westerling described his move to the Steelers.

“I’m excited to be coming to play in a new Country, new league and new rinks”

Former Steelers Christoffer Bjorklund was one of the reasons Westerling chose the Steelers “I spoke with him for a while and he told me how he had enjoyed his time with the Steelers. He spoke about a very good organisation and excellent fans. I also spoke with Andreas Valdix earlier today and he confirmed the same. He told me is was a very competitive league but also a lot of fun”

Describing himself as a player Westerling said “I’m not a big guy, in fact, quite small. I have a good hockey sense which is important in trying not to get hit by the big guys. I have good skills and I like to pass the puck and create”

Whilst it will be Westerlings first experience playing in Britain he has visited it these shores before to watch his beloved Leeds United play “I understand there is a big rivalry between Sheffield and Leeds, I hope the Steelers fans don’t mind me supporting Leeds. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. My Dad was a big fan”

In an impressive career to date, Westerling has been a major player on all the teams he has been with including Sodertalje where his individual performances helped keep his side in the Allsvenskan last year.

Westerling joins an impressive list of Swedish players who have represented the club under Paul Thompsons leadership: Frederik Vestberg, Conny Stromberg, Chrsitoffer Bjorklund, Andreas Valdix, Markus Nilsson and Jared Hagos.

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