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“Just 1,300 Tickets Remaining” Smith tells the Steelers Players at Induction Day

“Just 1,300 Tickets Remaining” Smith tells the Steelers Players at Induction Day

Steelers owner Tony Smith told players and staff at todays “induction day” that there were just 1,300 tickets remaining for Sundays homecoming against Nottingham Panthers.

As ticket sales hit 8,000 for the game at the Sheffield Arena on the 19thSeptember the Steelers side hit the ice for the first time as a team, held fitness tests and had meetings with the club’s ownership and management as training camp started for real.

Several supporters who had won tickets for the Induction day in club raffles held during the lockdown period were also in attendance and watched the players put through the motions and then had lunch with the new team.

Smith and head coach Aaron Fox hosted the induction day going through many items involving the players, staff and Arena such as housing, cars, medical, fitness and media.

Presentations were made by the club’s Dr and medical staff with the Steelers dentists also present.

Steelers new strength and conditioning team then took the players onto concourse level for a series of fitness tests.

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Many of the club’s core group of players were present including Tanner Eberle, Anthony DeLuca, Marco Vallerand and of course Big John Armstrong.

Watch Steelers Videos from the Induction Day on Tik Tok – just search for @SteelersHockey

The players then went back downstairs to prepare for their “Green Screen” and “Individual” player photos with Dave Burnham and Dean Woolley.

Steelers players put on the new Orange shirts that will be seen for the first time at the clubs “Shirt Launch” at the Crowne Plaza (Royal Victoria Hotel) next Thursday (23rd) for a selection of photos and videos, many of which will appear on the Big Screen this coming Sunday.

Then it was back to the dressing room to prepare for the first team training session.

Fox together with assistant Carter Beston Wills then took an hour long session on the new Arena ice.

Those fans who had won tickets for the induction day stayed on to watch the team skate for the first time.

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Fox will take a double on ice session on Tuesday as the team prepares for the weekend games against Nottingham

Tickets for Sunday’s 4.00pm face off Vs. Nottingham can be purchased HERE – NOW

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