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Keaton Ellerby – 2 Game Suspension Confirmed by Dops

Keaton Ellerby – 2 Game Suspension Confirmed by Dops

The Steelers have this morning received confirmation for the EIHL that Keaton Ellerby will be suspended for the next two EIHL games.

Ellerby is able to play in this weekend’s three Continental Cup games in Denmark but will miss the first two fixtures upon his return.

Saturday 27th November Vs. Nottingham Panthers
Sunday 28th November @ Guildford Flames.

The league report and video is below.

Game: Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils – 14/11/2021
Time of Game: 25:54
Penalty Called: Major and Game Misconduct Illegal Check to the Head

Players Involved
Team: Sheffield Steelers

Player: #77 Keaton Ellerby Team: Cardiff Devils

Player: #16 Sam Duggan
On Sunday night in Sheffield, Steelers defensemen Keaton Ellerby was assessed a Major and Game Misconduct penalty for an illegal Check to the head on Devils forward Sam Duggan.

As the video shows, Ellerby was originally engaged in a positional battle with Duggan in front of the net. The Devils make an attempt on goal, shooting the puck. Duggan skates towards the side wall chasing down the loose puck with Ellerby following. Duggan, winning the race to the puck, becomes engaged in a puck battle with Steelers #44 Sam Jones, losing the puck which is picked up by Steelers forward Brendan Connolly. Throughout this play Ellerby, continues towards Duggan and makes a hit, in a manner that makes Duggan’s head the main point of contact on a hit where such head contact is avoidable.

This is an illegal check to the head. It is important to note that head is clearly the main point of contact on this hit, as Ellerby makes direct contact with the head of Duggan, forcing it into the glass and the head absorbs the brunt of the force.

Furthermore, the head contact on this play is avoidable. While we acknowledge that Duggan’s head is down while he is attempting to play the puck, with Duggan already engaged in a battle with Jones, Ellebry has the option to avoid the check altogether, or make a check in a legal manner. Duggan does not materially change the position of his head or body just prior to, or simultaneously with, the hit in a way that significantly contributes to the head being the main point of contact. When making this hit, the onus and responsibility is on Ellerby to do so in a legal manner, ensuring Duggan’s body is the primary point of contact.

15th November 2021

This hit does not meet any of the criteria for unavoidable head contact under the illegal check to the head rule. It is also important to note that Ellerby is fully in control of this contact, finding himself lined up behind Duggan and seeing the play in front of him develop. Ellerby raises his stick off the ice, loads up and drives forward into Duggan in an attempt to make the hit. This results in Ellerby hitting Duggan’s head directly with force.

To summarise;

This is an illegal check to the head.
Ellerby has neither been fined or suspended during the 21/22 EIHL Season.

Effective immediately, Sheffield Steelers #77 Keaton Ellerby is suspended for two (2) game and fined £200.


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