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Lawrence Frustrated by Delays

Lawrence Frustrated by Delays

Steelers forward Chris Lawrence spoke this afternoon of his frustration at not already being in Sheffield taking part in the first week of training camp.

Lawrence is the only Steelers not present following the arrival of the Rupert brothers, Matt and Ryan on Wednesday.

“There is nothing I can do but wait” said Lawrence “I’m ready to get on a plane the moment the passport with visa arrives

“It’s so frustrating as all I seem to do is look through social media and see photos and stories of the guys working out and on the ice. I want to be there with them

“I’m excited to be a Steeler again and hope to be there on Saturday though as the hours pass by that’s looking more unlikely

“All I can do is continue to work out over here and wait, also wishing the boys good luck at the weekend

“To the fans, thank you for the kind words and patience, also for the comical #findlarry tweets, they made me smile”.

Tickets for this weekends games against Leksands and next weekends against Timra can be purchased from the box office.

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