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Messiah Ken leads the “Good Wishes” to Steelers fans

Messiah Ken leads the “Good Wishes” to Steelers fans

Messiah Ken Priestlay has sent his best wishes to all Steeler fans over this difficult period of time.

Speaking from his home in Canada, Priestlay, the clubs 5th all time leading point scorer sent a message to the Steelers office saying “Please pass on my best to all of the Steelers fans and everyone involved in the organisation. Tell them to stay safe and I’m sure we will be seeing them soon”

Messian Ken isn’t the only Steeler past player to get in touch.

Fan favourite Randy Dagenais also sent a message saying “These are strange times and I hope all of the Steelers fans are staying safe and indoors. We are sending all our love and best wishes from this side of the pond. We can’t wait to visit again and see everyone”

Former teammate of Priestlay’s and 1996 Grand Slam member Rob Wilson spoke from his house in Peterborough (Ontario)

“Just touching in with the Steelers and hope all the fans, players and those involved with the club are doing well. We are staying in over here and hope you are all doing the same back there.

“Take care and i hope to see you all soon”

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