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My Dad Paul by Ross Thompson

My Dad Paul by Ross Thompson

In last nights programme there was an article written by Ross Thompson, son of head coach Paul.

Here is a chance for all of you who didnt read it to do so now …… there are lots of great new articles in the Steeler 60 page programme, make sure you buy one at the weekend.

“My Dad Paul”

My name is Ross Thompson (Paul’s son) and I’m 13 years-old. In case you didn’t know my Dad has been around for a long time, and when I say a long time I wasn’t  even born when he first joined the Coventry Blaze. Only when I got older I realised that my Dad was a Head Coach and was responsible for a team. This didn’t change my opinion on my Dad at all, after all he is my Dad and having a coach as a Father isn’t that different to having a Dad with a job anywhere else. Sure it has its perks and its downfalls but not that different at all.

He led Coventry to victory for many, many years with ups and downs of course but the end result was very good (apart from falling off the bench a few times). He won a  Grandslam and trophy after trophy. He got himself  a good reputation among fellow teams, players and others involved with the sport and also became the Head Coach of Team Great Britain. Things changed around three years ago when he felt it was the appropriate time to leave, for us as a family this wasn’t necessarily a shock as coming up to this key event in his career there had been some very tough years of which he was ‘challenged’ to say the least. With a very low budget compared to team’s like Nottingham, Belfast and Sheffield he was in a difficult situation, he carried on for a few more years until he decided to make the biggest decision he has ever made, to move to a new club.


The club of choice was to be Troja-Ljungby, a team in Sweden which was in the Allsvenskan. This may of took some people by shock but for us this was going to be very tough. Me, my sister Georgia and my Mom had to adjust for the first year undoubtedly, simply just because of how we had to adapt to him being away from the family but he went with our backing. He approached the team as a challenge to test his skills of coaching at a higher level, we were treated well when we visited just like the following year by the team he moved to named Aalborg Pirates, a team in Denmark which was better for us as a family as we got to see him more frequent and without FaceTime we wouldn’t of been able to do it. As a junior player myself I also had the opportunity to train at a higher level which was great.

The end of the season approached and Dad missed us a lot and decided to come back, we were his main priority and when he lived away he couldn’t be with us as  much he wanted. Then the offer had arrived from the mighty Sheffield Steelers and I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get going. There has always been a special place in our hearts for this club despite being at Coventry for so long. I have seen many photos of my Dad as a Steelers player thus we had friends like David Simms who couldn’t wait for my Dad’s arrival, changing from blue of which we were for so long and now suddenly changing to orange developed mixed emotions throughout the whole family but we support Dad wherever he goes. To be honest I always thought Sheffield were cooler anyway so I was more than happy.

We arrived and got a very warm welcome from everyone at the club and that brings us on to now, the start of the season and best hopes for everyone within and  supporting the club.

Let’s Win This League!

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