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Panthers 1-3 Steelers

Panthers 1-3 Steelers

A shorthanded Steelers rolled into Nottingham and took the points off the Panthers with an impressive display and a well-deserved victory.

Steelers went into the game without both Robert Dowd and Marco Vallerand, added to the injury list including Aaron Johnson, James Bettauer and Jonas Liwing.

Referees were Steff Hogarth and Matt Thompson

It was an even first session with both sides having chances.

06.48 Steelers #81 O’Connor 2 x Hooking
16.03 Panthers #6 Desantis 2 x Holding
19.32 Steelers #2 Brocklehurst 2 x Interference

Steelers killed the remaining Panthers power-play and as Aaron Brocklehurst came out of the box he skated down the left wing firing a hard shot from a tight angle to give his side the lead at 21.51

23.49 Steelers #8 Troncinsky 2 x Holding
26.00 Panthers #Benchminor 2 x too many men on the ice
27.59 Steelers #10 Eberle 2 + 10 Cross-Checking

Steelers were comfortable, in fact there few guilt-edged chances for either side, then out of nothing, Malmquist scored an almost identical goal to that of Brocklehurst. His shot took a slight deflection and beat Duba high over his shoulder at 35.33

39.39 Panthers #95 Deutsch 2 x Holding

42.52 Panthers #2 Flick 2 x Cross-Checking
42.52 Steelers #10 Eberle 2 x Embellishment

46.44 Steelers #63 Connolly 2 x Slashing

The Connolly penalty was disputed after the Steelers forward had received so much punishment that had gone uncalled.

Nottingham went looking for a go-ahead goal but it was the Steelers who had the last laugh with the eventual game-winner.

Eberle and Armstrong went to work and were persistent – Eberle looked like he had the best chance with Carr making the save from close range. The puck found its way to Big John and he found the back of the net (shorthanded) at 47.51

49.35 Panthers #2 Fick 5-minute penalty and game misconduct
49.35 Steelers #15 DeLuca 2 x unsportsmanlike conduct

The four on four play saw the Panthers have their best chance of equalising. Steelers had chances on the three-minute power-play that followed but as the Panthers penalty ended the Steelers just had the one-goal advantage.

Carr was pulled with 100 seconds remaining but the Steelers stood tall – Connolly, Eberle and eventually the Captain, Jonathan Phillips found the empty net for a final score of Panthers 1-3 Steelers.

Steelers man of the match was Marek Troncinsky.

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