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“Points Thrown Away” says Thompson

“Points Thrown Away” says Thompson

Head coach Paul Thompson believes the Steelers threw away an opportunity of bringing points back from Guildford on Sunday.

“It was far from the best game” said Thompson “but we deserved a point. It wasn’t a fluid game by any means but we blew a point or two away tonight

“When we bought it back to 2-2 I thought we would take something from the game

“The reality is that we made two stupid decisions for their 2nd and 3rd goal and they cost us points tonight.

“Games are coming thick and fast right now and we go again on Wednesday.

“We are in desperate need for some of our offence back in the line up. Whilst we hope to have Franssilia back on Wednesday we are still uncertain about the other four” (Dowd, Armstrong, Fretter and Fitzgerald).

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