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Roster Update: AJ and Kuukka News

Roster Update: AJ and Kuukka News

As many are aware the Steelers, and particularly Aaron Johnson, have been dealt another big injury blow.

After missing 19 games of the season with a broken finger Aaron Johnson returned to the team the week before last. Unfortunately in the game in Glasgow AJ suffered the same injury to the same finger once again.

Johnson has undergone surgery and is expected to be missing from the line up for an 8-10 week period.

“It’s a huge blow for us,” said head coach Aaron Johnson “more so for Aaron himself. During his first spell out of the line up he didn’t miss a training session. He worked so hard with Danny to stay in top condition. We saw when he did return that he didn’t look out of place at all.

“It’s a freak injury for it to happen to the same finger, you have to feel for him. We have made sure the injury is seen to by the surgeons immediately and thank the club for arranging that. Aaron now starts, again, the recovery process”

Mikko Kuukka

The Steelers coach confirmed that Mikko Kuukka had agreed to stay with the Steelers for a further two weeks “That’s good news for us” confirmed Fox “Mikko has been so good for us and his spell was coming to an end. He has options elsewhere in Europe but has agreed to lengthen his time here with us and we are grateful for that”

Steelers hope to play a full complement of 14 imports for the first time in a while on Wednesday for the visit of the Belfast Giants to the Arena – remember all tickets are priced at £5 – a fiver, five quid – buy your tickets now – HERE

    Wednesday 27th November 7.30pm

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