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She said Yes … Congratulations to Emma and Jack after a Steelers Proposal.

She said Yes … Congratulations to Emma and Jack after a Steelers Proposal.

What a special night Saturday was for Jack Holmes (26) and Emma Britton (22)

For weeks Jack had been planning a very special birthday treat for girlfriend Emma but little did she know how the night would end … with a wedding proposal.

Jack had contacted both the club and Emma’s favourite player Robert Dowd to see if we could help.

The plan was, that for a birthday treat Jack had arranged a meeting with Dowdy for a photo down on the Steelers bench and then once this was over he would surprise her with the proposal.

The club was in on it, Dowdy was in on it and most importantly, Dean the photographer was in on it.

Jack and Emma were to meet Simmsey at entrance B where he would take them and the lucky programme winners down to the bench. They would both then wait for Kevin Schulze (programme) and Dowdy to arrive.

Once the Lucky Programme photo was taken Emma and Dowdy posed for their photo.

Then we invited Jack up for a picture as well.

Then Dowdy asked Jack if he had anything else planned and stepped aside whilst Jack went down on one knee to propose.

The good news for us all was that Emma said “Yes” and there were tears and hugs all around.

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It wasn’t Jack wasn’t that was the most relieved man on the bench however “I was so nervous” said Robert Dowd “I also had a speaking part as well

“Emma was lovely and so surprised when I stood back and Jack went on one knee. I think we were all very happy when she said “Yes”

“It was a great idea by Jack, congratulations to them both”

Emma, Jack and Dowdy then posed for more photos before going off to celebrate.

We love the ring as well Emma. Many congratulations.


Roll on the wedding, we hope that will have a Steelers theme as well

The club and Dowdy were so pleased you let us be a part of your special day and hope that you will both be happy in your life together.

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