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Sheffield Steelers Lend Their Support to Flood Hit Locals

Sheffield Steelers Lend Their Support to Flood Hit Locals

All playing members of the Sheffield Steelers donned their work clothes and took to the local village of Fishlake last week to help with the flood relief effort.

Former hockey player and now chief fire officer, Steve James, reached out to the club following his deployment to the area in a bid to recruit much-needed manpower to aid with the cleanup.

Officer James said: “We called on the Steelers and they answered the call. What we’ve done is bring the Steelers out to the community and they’ve been helping out inside peoples houses that have been absolutely decimated by the floods.”

“I’ve got to know your guys and they’ve been absolutely fantastic”

The work began at 9 am with the Steelers side meeting the local volunteers and the rest of Steve’s fire officers inside ‘The Butchers’ local cafe.

With the Steelers kitted out with boots, gloves and jackets, the real work began and it was the two beasts as Steve described them, Marek Troncinsky and Mikko Kuukka who lead the way.

There would be a free ride in the fire engine for Nikolai Lemtyugov and co. as the Russian charmed his way into the back of the truck to take the boys to their first set of tasks.

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A full cleanup operation was to follow, walking the streets of Fishlake and depositing all destroyed furniture and equipment into the back of a dustbin lorry. Paths had been covered with household items that had been damaged by the water and no longer useable.

Bins that hadn’t been emptied for almost two weeks had to be tipped into the back of the lorries and houses that had emptied belongings onto the roadside were checked for more unwanted goods.

There were huge thanks for the Steelers hard work all morning, but without the local volunteers, the destruction would have been even greater.

The afternoon task saw the side remove the whole of the floor inside a family home that had never seen destruction quite like that left behind by these flash floods.

Six hours later and the boys had completed all they could before having to head back to the FlyDSA for the season ticket holders event.

It was an eye-opening experience and one that the group will remember for a long time having seen a community completely devastated by what had happened.

As a way of the Steelers showing their support to Fishlake and all the workers involved with the relief effort, an open invite was given for anyone wishing to spend their Saturday night with the Steelers at the game vs Nottingham.

Around 60 of the locals took up the invitation and we were delighted to see them take part in the dramatic win that unfolded on November 23rd.

We welcomed Steve and his team into the locker room post-game to share the congratulations and the thanks for the hard work they have put in during their time in Yorkshire.

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