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Steelers Confirm Ben Churchfield as Back Up Goalie.

Steelers Confirm Ben Churchfield as Back Up Goalie.

Steelers Confirm Ben Churchfield as Back Up Goalie.

Steelers head coach Aaron Fox has confirmed that the club will have a new back up goaltender next season with Ben Churchfield joining the club.

The surroundings will be familiar for the much travelled 24 year-old who spent many years watching the Steelers from the stands and playing in the junior development programme at Ice Sheffield “part of me feels like I will be coming home” said Churchfield “I spent the first few years of my life in Sheffield and then after time away returned. By that time, I had fallen in love with hockey and almost lived inside Ice Sheffield

“I watched the Steelers from high up at the Arena, the likes of Dowdy and Jonathan Phillips were the guys I really looked up to – I even helped Dowdy coach the best of British kids at a hockey school some years later. Being in Sheffield and working with guys like that is a huge plus for me in joining the Steelers”

In recent years Ben has been away again, in the United States where his junior hockey career has taken off. He presently lives in Wilkes-Barrie, Pennsylvania, the home of his first American side back in 2014.

For the last four seasons Churchfield has combined his studies and his hockey playing for the University of New England (NCAA 111)

“I’ve stayed in touch with many people in Sheffield, Danny Mawer, the club’s fitness coach being one of them. I’m grateful he told Aaron Fox about me and the Steelers showed an interest. The club has treated me very well in our conversations to date, they seem genuinely interested in me and my hockey development and I am super excited to get over to the UK when the season starts”

“I’m really happy we could get Ben back to Sheffield” said Fox. “Danny Mawer put me onto him last fall and we watched a bunch of tape on him over the winter and really liked what we saw.

“He’s put up outstanding numbers as a starter at the D3 University level in the states and have heard he’s a great teammate As well.  I think he has the potential to be a ull time starter in this League at some point so us being able to get a 2 year deal done shows real commitment from both sides. I’m looking forward to getting him in and getting to work”



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