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Steelers Hit Back Late to Beat the Stars.

Steelers Hit Back Late to Beat the Stars.

You would have had to have been there to believe it.

Steelers 2-0 down in Dundee with 66 seconds remaining and goalie Matt Climie pulled to the bench.

Justin Buzzeo’s goal gave hope, Ben O’Connor equalised with 30 seconds remaining and Buzzeo hit his 2nd to win for the Steelers 38 seconds into overtime. What a come back as the Steelers took both points to move within 1 of 5th place Guildford Flames.

Steelers started the game without Eric Neiley and Davey Phillips, they did though welcome back Robert Dowd.

With a scoreless first period it looked like more of the same in the second until Francois Bouchard scored in the 38th minute.

Steelers hit back immediately with Josh Pitt scoring, Dundee though challenged the goal and the referee’s overturned their original decision.

Steelers came out stronger in the 3rd period but it was the Stars who extended their lead to 2-0 at 43.44 when Johan Andersson picked up on an error and punished with a neat finish from a tight angle.

Despite chance after chance it looked like time was running out for the Steelers. With the goalie pulled Steelers attacked once more with Justin Buzzeo scoring the first of the night and giving us hope.

Once play had resumed Climie was back to the bench with Westerling providing the pass to Ben O’Connor, his shot was screened and the game was tied 2-2

Into overtime and a mistake in the Dundee end gave Justin Buzzeo the one chance he needed, his shot went top shelf and the Steelers come away with both points.

Final score: Dundee Stars 2-3 Steelers (after OT)


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