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Steelers Owner Tony Smith “Delighted” in Arena Improvements.

Steelers Owner Tony Smith “Delighted” in Arena Improvements.

£1.5M Investment in Our Home Delights the Steelers Owner

The Sheffield Steelers are delighted to welcome the news this morning announced by our friends at SIV and the Fly DSA Arena.

Over £1.5m will be invested in the Steelers home shortly and this includes a new ice plant ensuring our team will have the best ice to practise and play from the start of next season.

Steelers owner Tony Smith thanked Dom Stokes and all those involved in the decision to invest in this incredible building saying “It is only with the help of those at the arena that we have been able to push ahead with many different marketing initiatives and ideas that have seen our attendances increase over the last two years.

“We are now the best supported club in the Elite Ice Hockey League for the second year running and have also broken into Europe’s top 30 attended clubs

“Joint collaboration with the Arena is behind more people watching the Steelers inside this fantastic atmospheric building. Those people have this season especially seen a new, exciting and entertaining brand of ice hockey which they obviously like and enjoy. To do so in the comfort of this facility makes the whole Steelers experience even more enjoyable.

“Ice is our business and the investment in the new plant is most welcomed. The best team playing in the best Arena from next season will also be playing on the best ice, this makes the product on offer to our supporters and the Arena’s customers even more exciting.

“The City of Sheffield is once again excited by, and taking notice of the impact that the Steelers are making, on the ice, inside the Fly DSA Arena and in the City as a whole.

“This large investment secures ice sport inside this incredible venue for decades ahead. Plans can now be made, planned for and invested in for the continued growth of the Steelers, Ice Hockey in Yorkshire and equally as important for the Fly DSA Arena and SIV”

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