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Steelers Season Ticket Statement

Steelers Season Ticket Statement

The Sheffield Steelers are aware that the 2019-20 season ticket has three games still remaining.

Along with many different sporting clubs both in the EIHL and other sports the Steelers have been considering the best way forward for both the club and existing season ticket holders.

The Steelers are fully focussed on the forthcoming 2020-21 season and would like to run over the three remaining fixtures into that campaign.

The 2020-21 season ticket covers 25 “premium fixtures” with remaining games played outside the season ticket. The Steelers are proposing to offer all existing season ticket holders free admission to three of those “external fixtures”

“We are conscious of this issue” said club owner Tony Smith “and wish to finalise an agreement in order that we can all move forward with the planning for next season

“I am aware that some sporting clubs are asking their fans to forgo the remaining fixtures on their season tickets. This is of course an option open to supporters not wishing to take up the offer of the vouchers.

“This time last year Steelers fans trusted us with their money and our obligation to fulfil the 25 game commitment. The free admission to three additional games next season seems to be a fair way of meeting those obligations under these most difficult circumstances.

“I have been humbled by correspondence I have received from many season ticket holders saying “keep my money” and “we’ve had a great season and been more than entertained” and whilst this is of course encouraging to me from a club stance I do feel obliged to make the offer to those supporters who acquired their season tickets last summer and who will hopefully be doing so again for the season ahead“

The Steelers confirm that they will contact all existing season ticket holders once the 2020-21 fixture list has been produced and the three specific games identified.

Smith concluded “I would like to thank our season ticket holders for their patience and understanding in these unprecedented times

“We are committed to putting together a strong 2020-21 side that will once again be competitive in all competitions and offer great entertainment and excitement at the Fly DSA Arena”

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