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Steelers Sign Janne Kolehmainen

Steelers Sign Janne Kolehmainen

With injuries mounting, Steelers head coach Aaron Fox has once again moved into the transfer market and signed Finnish forward, Janne Kolehmainen.

Kolehmainen will be no stranger to Sheffield having played against the Steelers in the CHL for JYP.

The six-foot-three, 33-year-old power-forward has played an incredible 831 Liiga league and play off games with an additional 36 in the CHL.

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Fox explained “With the news of a long term injury to James Bettauer we have decided to add Janne to our group.

“Janne is a big power forward who plays a very effective and heavy 2-way game. I was really looking for someone who can add some grit to our forward group and be responsible defensively and help our PK. He played with Mikko and I know he will also bring high character to the room.

“We can move Eric Meland back to the back end for the time being while we have Aaron, Jonas and James recovering. We are still hopeful to extend Mikko after his contract ends this weekend as well. If not we will look for a replacement as soon as possible”.

Take a look at the career of Janne Kolehmainen: HERE

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