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Steelers Team up with AnalysisPro

Steelers Team up with AnalysisPro

Steelers joined forces with AnalysisPro at the beginning of the 2018/19 campaign, in a bid to provide live, in-game analysis direct to the bench for the Coach to utilise.

As the first EIHL side to contact AnalysisPro, Steelers analyst, Andy Thorpe, was looking for a more forward-thinking way to benefit the side off and on the ice.


By using the Nacsport software made available by AnalysisPro, Andy has been able to collate and send stats directly to Danny on the Steelers bench.

Throughout the year, Andy Thorpe has been providing constant feedback to the AnalysisPro team on their product and has put together a blog post on working with the software.

The blog offers Steelers fans an insight into how the software works and how behind-the-scenes work goes into helping the on-ice performance.

(Blog link –

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