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Steelers Visit Optical Express at Meadowhall

Steelers Visit Optical Express at Meadowhall

Steelers head coach Paul Thompson accompanied Mike O’Connor to visit our good friends at Optical Express on Wednesday.

Located at Meadowhall, Optical Express offer a great range of glasses as well as having expert staff on hand to offer advice on all related issues including laser surgery.

“I went with Mike to meet the staff at Optical Express and ended up walking out with two pairs of glasses” said Thompson “I guess like many people I either hadn’t got the time for an eye test or just found a way of coping

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“The good news was that my long range vision was excellent but after years working on computers and staring into mobile phones my short range vision was very poor. I knew I was in trouble when the technician laughed at the size of my texts on my phone, I think he could read them from 20 feet away”

Mike O’Connor joined Thompson at the Meadowhall Branch “What a friendly group they have at Optical Express” he said

“I don’t think Paul expected to walk out having purchased two pairs of reading glasses but he seemed happy enough with his purchases.

“I think the amount of time we all spend looking into our phones, tablets and computers have deteriorated our eyes and it is very important we have them checked frequently. From our visit on Wednesday I can honestly say that the experience we received from everyone at Optical Express was first class and we certainly recommend them.”

“We were delighted to welcome Paul and Mike to Optical Express, as the Steelers are very well-known in Sheffield and have a big following in the city,” said Neil Irvine, Store Manager. “As a business, we believe that it’s important to become part of the local community, and that’s something the Steelers have already done so well.

“As the UK’s leading complete eyecare provider, we offer a whole range of optical solutions, so it was great to be able to help Paul choose some new glasses when he visited us. We hope to see more of the Steelers visit us in store soon, and we’ll certainly be following the team’s progress in the future.”

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