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Sundays Match Sponsors – Rubber Safety Hygiene.

Sundays Match Sponsors – Rubber Safety Hygiene.

Game 2 of the weekend against the Belfast Giants will be sponsored by Rubber Safety Hygiene, a local Sheffield based company located in Hunsley Street, S4.

Rubber Safety Hygiene were a football company f0r many years working with both United and Wednesday, in fact their owner Rob Hand still has a box at Bramall Lane.

“Hockey seems to be taking over now though” he said “our Monday staff meetings used to be football dominated but now its all about the Steelers.

“Last year our deal with the Steelers included 4 season tickets for staff, this year it’s 8

“We love how you feel a part of the Steelers, last season Mike (O’Connor) bought the championship trophy to our offices and we kept it for a few days, the kids took it to School, some of the staff took it home. Thats a great thing to do and it certainly gives us a connection”

Rubber Safety Hygiene have also been lucky with the players they have chosen to sponsor “Haven’t we” explained Rob “Last year was Jace Coyle and this season when Jace didn’t return we turned to Colton Fretter, and look how good he is doing for the team”

There are many parts to the Rubber Safety Hygiene business – look at their web site HERE

One of key area’s of their business is supplying venues like the Sheffield Arena, (as well as Bramall Lane and Hillsborough) with all their domestic cleaning products – so when your the toilets at the games this weekend its their soap, their toilet rolls!

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