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“Thank You Steelers”

“Thank You Steelers”

Results don’t always go your way, that’s sport. But win, lose or draw the Steelers put on a show regardless, and this was brought home when on Monday morning our inboxes were filled with just some of our new Steelers Family members thanking us for our hospitality.

We appreciate the thank you, but it’s always the opposite, thank you to you, the fans new and old who come through our doors. For those that are lucky enough to see behind the scenes after match night, your will see the mayhem, staff, volunteers and players alike running all over the place to make everyone’s night just that bit more special. It’s tiring, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, especially when we get feedback like this.

Staff from the Barlby Community Primary School who attended on Sunday night had the following to say…

“Thanks for everything, the school is buzzing! Everyone had an amazing time! We will definitely be back again soon as a school and my son was asking for season tickets by half time so we will also be back again even sooner as a family! Some of the children wanted to send you the sign they made as a thank you!”

Thank you to all of children who helped put the sign together – great effort!

And the feedback didn’t stop there. Some others new family members commented…

“Thank you… My family and I have been several times before covid and always loved it. Yeah the scoreline was a bit disappointing in the end but I got positive feedback from all those that went and may have converted one or two as well. One parent even said that they never would have thought about going to watch ice hockey as a family but have had a great night!”

“The feedback from the other teams in our club was amazing and I know my team which is under 8s is full of kids asking their parents when they can go again. I will definitely look to arrange another trip next year as it was great to see all the kids singing and shouting together out of training or matches. Thank you so so much for having us!”

“Thank you so much! The students, and staff, certainly had a great time! One of our students has already booked a return visit on boxing day with her family!”

“Yesterday was a fantastic event. Huge credit to you for all you do. The team had a brilliant time and are really eager to get back to watch another game. Some have already booked it into their diaries and I heard them talk about a family Boxing Day visit too.”

“We all had a laugh and Barry Brust is now our hero! Team do a great job of putting on the event, very impressive operation, so inclusive, please pass that on from me/us.”

So there you go, we’ve always known it and it keeps getting confirmed… You can’t beat a match night in Sheffield.

#BleedOrange Sheffield

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