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“Thanks Geoff”

“Thanks Geoff”

Steelers play off hero Geoff Walker has come up trumps agin for the club – whilst he scored goals in the final against Cardiff he has assisted head coach Paul Thompson in the signing of former NHL forward Tim Wallace.

“Geoff was a great help us to us in singing Tim” said Thompson “the two of them spoke a few times and Geoff certainly sing our praises as an organisation, facility and fan base. I think it would have been an almost impossible job to persuade Tim to sign this early without Geoff’s input”

“We played together in Wilkes Barre” said Wallace “in fact we lived together for a year as we were making our way.

“He was a great point of reference, especially as he has played for several clubs around Europe. He couldn’t have talked any more glowingly about his time in Sheffield.

“When you get they kind of reference you have to take notice of it. From the way he was treated by the organisation, to the arena, the training facilities, the team mates and coaches. He loved his time there and was disappointed not to be returning.

“From that point on I thought longer and harder about Sheffield and my talks with Paul Thompson were a lot more serious. When you are travelling half way around the world you need to know that you are coming to a good place with good people – from what Geoff tells me I don’t need to have any worries on that score”

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