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“The Legends” SOYB Raffle Plus a “Money Can’t Buy Steelers Prize”

“The Legends” SOYB Raffle Plus a “Money Can’t Buy Steelers Prize”

The Sheffield Steelers launch “The Legends” range of shirts.

Over the weeks and months ahead the Steelers will be launching various shirts from the past.

There is no bigger Steelers legend than Rocket Ron Shudra, so to launch this legends range we have a special online SOYB raffle that comes with an even more special Steelers prize attached. A truly money can’t buy prize.

We are offering you and a guest to come inside the Steelers inner sanctum on player induction day.

As well as winning this incredible Shudra #26 shirt you will be invited to induction day where the players will meet together for the first time. You will sit in on the induction meeting, have lunch with the new Steelers side and then be invited to watch the very first Steelers training session of the year under the supervision of head coach Aaron Fox.

Our media team will be on hand to ensure that your day with the Steelers will be recorded and photographed with the pictures sent out to you following the event.

It’s a great opportunity to win an incredible shirt but also to experience a money can’t buy experience with the Steelers.

Tickets £1 each.

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