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The SSSC are Ready and Waiting to Serve

The SSSC are Ready and Waiting to Serve

The SSSC Away Travel Hotline: 07849 612853

The 2019-20 EIHL fixtures will shortly be published, we can then start planning our diaries for the next eight months supporting the Steelers at home and on the road.

The SSSC will once again be the best place to book your away tickets whether travelling by car or on one of the SSSC buses.

The Steelers will have two double-header weekends next season, one in Belfast and one in Scotland.

The moment the EIHL publish the schedule the SSSC will advise you all of the details and costs of these trips.

Operation “Invade Belfast” and “Invade Scotland” will commence with immediate effect.

The SSSC is also the best place for you to buy your away tickets to regular road games as well, even if you are travelling by car. So every time you are at the ARENA remember to visit the SSSC desk and book your away travel.

Join the “SSSC” Here Today – It’s Easy.

Steelers exhibition games commence on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August against HK Poprad at ICE Sheffield. All tickets are priced at just £10 each.

The following Saturday, the 24th August the Steelers play their first game at the Fly DSA (Sheffield) Arena against MAC Budapest with all tickets priced at just £5.

Buy Your Steelers Tickets for the 17th, 18th & 24th August “HERE”

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