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The Story of a Fantastic Wednesday Night in Sheffield.

The Story of a Fantastic Wednesday Night in Sheffield.

The Steelers beat the Belfast Giants 5-0, over 5,200 inside the Fly DSA Arena, the game shown live on Freesports and our boys end the night top of the league.

Yes, it was some Wednesday night in Sheffield and it only cost you £5 a ticket.

The night was sponsored by Tivac and Richard, Oliver and Joe carried out the ceremonial puck drop with the two captains – some great old shirts on show as well from the Tivac gang.

The Steelers and Giants exchanged early penalties with Michael Davies and Matt Pelech both sitting 2 out for slashing. Both penalties were killed off but Brian Ward wasn’t so lucky.

At 15.33 Ward was called for hooking and the Steelers PP went to work.

Troncinsky and Lemtyugov went to work setting up the impressive Lucas Sandstrom, his shot beat Owen for a 1-0 lead.

Brendan Connolly blocked a shot in the 29th minute, it helped set up a two on one with Connolly finding Anthony DeLuca at the back door for a 2-0 lead.


Steelers were in full flow, with his Mom and Dad in town watching, Big John went to work scoring his first of the night at 29.40 for 3-0

Before the second break, DeLuca added his second of the night and the Steelers fourth.

DeLuca already with two, Big John wasn’t about to be out-done and he netted his second in the 50th minute.


Moments later John took a puck in the mouth and lost 4 teeth ……

“Don’t worry” said Davey Phillips “I’ve lost mine already”

The game ended Steelers 5-0 Belfast Giants but the entertainment, well that still had a way to go.

First of all, we had the Bradfield Brewery ‘Man of the Match’ awards

They were again presented by the team from match sponsors Tivac, Richard, Oliver and Joe.

First up was Giants forward Jordan Smotherman

Katie Stewart and Mel Askham went home happy, they were the winners of the SIV Live sponsored 50-50 draw.

The £2,000 plus prize was presented by the shut out hero Tomas Duba.

Tomas Duba was asked forward once again in the Sheffield Window Centre ‘Shirt Off Your Back’ raffle

Nicola Bloomer was the lucky winner who went home with the Steelers goalie’s shirt.

Richard, Oliver and Joe came back for the main presentation, the Steelers man of the match.

With a shut out against Belfast, there was only one winner and the crowd roared out the name of Tomas Duba

That meant an “Eddy” for Duba and after his skate around the Arena, he needed a rest and a sit-down.

The team were quick to come and assist their main man on Wednesday.

A great job by the whole team.

After the game, we had a fun meeting ‘When Nikolai met Nikolai’.

Young Nikolai’s Mom comes from Russia and his dad from Leeds – their young boy is a massive Nikolai Lemtyugov fan so post-game we hooked the two of them up together.

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