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“They Will Know What it Means” says Jonno

“They Will Know What it Means” says Jonno

The week leading up to a Nottingham game is always exciting, whether it be your first time or your 100th

Steelers Captain Jonathan Phillips is no stranger to explaining the meaning of these games to new recruits about to witness their first Steelers – Panthers experience.

“Don’t worry” he says “they will all know the meaning and the importance, in fact, most do already

“When new guys arrive they have heard about the Steelers – Panthers rivalry, it doesn’t take long before they ask you and not the other way around

“Over the years we have tried playing down, then other years building it up trying to find the right balance. Guys know it’s the games that even this early in the year means the most to fans.

“It’s the same down the road, they play it down but inside they are trying to beat us just as hard as we are trying to beat them.

“Some say the rivalry isn’t as big as it used to be. I don’t buy that, sure there isn’t as much fighting but times have changed, the game has changed. Inside the room the rivalry is as big as I’ve known it, it’s never changed.

“Don’t worry, everyone will be ready when Saturday comes around”

Steelers Vs. Nottingham Panthers
Saturday 31st August
EIHL: Challenge Cup
Face-Off 7.00pm
Doors Open 6.00pm

Tickets: 0114 256 5656

Steelers Vs Panthers – Tickets “HERE”

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