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This Week on Steelers TV: The Core and A Festival of Hockey

This Week on Steelers TV: The Core and A Festival of Hockey

We still have lots planned for you on Steelers TV (our own YouTube Channel) – Subscribe HERE for FREE, over 9,100 already have.

This week we have two special features that we are sure you will watch and enjoy. For many new fans it is all part of the Steelers history that we know you are interested in learning more about. For you old timers it’s a great look back on great times in our past.

Thursday 18th June – at 7.00pm

We look back at the 10 year plus period that Mark Thomas, Jason Hewitt and Jonathan Phillips spent together at the Steelers.

The club they walked into and the problems they faced. How the three tried to change the culture in Sheffield back to a winning one. The characters they played with and the stories they were allowed to tell.

Watch tonight on Steelers TV. 7pm. Watch HERE at 7pm

Saturday 20th June – at 7.00pm

Then on Saturday we take you back to the Festival of hockey as the Steelers celebrated 20 years at the Arena.

Many old faces came back into town from Sheffield, Whitley Bay, Cleveland, Scotland, Canada, America, Sweden and Finland.

Past players, past coaches. members of the 1996 Grand Slam team and the 2001 Grand Slam side.

Watch Tim Cranston and Rick Brebant discuss over a beer which was the better Grand Slam side, it is funny.

It’s a part of our history and you will enjoy watching the behind the scenes coverage on Saturday evening at 7pm on Steelers TV.

Watch HERE on Saturday 20th at 7.00pm

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