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Tony Smith Statement to Steelers Fans

Tony Smith Statement to Steelers Fans

Steelers owner Tony Smith has echoed the words of Elite Series Tournament Director Todd Kelmen over Saturday evening’s webcast issues during the Nottingham Panthers, Sheffield Steelers game.

The Elite Series webcast couldn’t be shown on the platform the tournament was using and had to be moved over to YouTube at short notice, causing fans inconvenience as well as a drop in quality.

Earlier today Kelman issued a statement (see below) apologising to fans and offering all that logged in for the game a FREE Elite Series match in the weeks that follow.

“I was embarrassed like we all were” said Smith “So many people have worked so hard on this event and when yesterday came we were all genuinely excited and thought we had ticked every box in preparation

“If we were looking to make an excuse we would say we did such a good job promoting the series that so many people wanted to watch in unprecedented numbers for such a broadcast and it was that that brought the system crashing. We can’t make excuses though, we have to take responsibility and hold our hands up. I think the statement Todd issued today does just that.

“All the good will that we earned over the last few months has to be earned again with our fan base and we will do that. As we have seen with todays broadcasts the show we are putting on is outstanding. Multi cameras, replays, interviews and highlights. This Elite Series has really caught the imagination of hockey people.

“So, I again apologise on behalf of the Series and to fans of all clubs not just you at the Steelers.

“Let’s now look forward to a great five weeks of Elite Series hockey”.

Tony Smith

Elite Series Streaming Update

Statement from the Tournament Director Todd Kelman:

I want to apologise to the fans that purchased the stream and were unable to logon from the start of the game.  Simply put, we screwed up and although we scaled up the servers, we didn’t scale them up enough to account for the unprecedented viewing numbers we had last night.

Many viewers were able to watch the game on the Elite League TV platform, but others were not able to do so.  We made the decision to put the game out free on Youtube so that everyone could at least see the game, but it was not the experience our fans paid for or expected.

As of 11:00am today, we have been assured by our service providers that the streaming platform issues are now rectified and can handle increased traffic for all games.

To make it up to our fans, here is what we are going to do:

Single game purchasers of last night’s Nottingham v Sheffield match will be given the Panthers v Steelers game on Friday 16 April at 7pm for free. If this game doesn’t work, you can choose another game for free.

Buyers of the Panthers 6x home and the Panthers/Steelers 12x game packages will be entitled to one other series game of their choice for free.

Buyers of the complete 24 game series package will be given one game of their choice from the Series Play Off Semi Final First Legs on Tuesday 27 April for free.

We need all customers claiming their free game to email us on with the correct email address they used to login to their Elite League TV account and which game you would like to watch for free.

Thank you fans for all your continued support and we are confident that we can deliver a brilliant month of Elite Series Hockey.


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