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Vallerand and DeLuca Head Home

Vallerand and DeLuca Head Home

Marco Vallerand and Anthony DeLuca will head back to Canada today.

It completes a busy week for the Steelers backroom staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure all the players wishing to leave headed home safely and on time.

“We’ve been busy on many issues” said operations manager Shaun Smith “The players have been great and most accommodating, we have also been rushed with a huge amount of merchandise sales, season ticket applications and the Jonathan Phillips shirt raffle. It’s been quiet some week

“With the Arena and Ice Sheffield closing we have brought everyone back to our offices at Rhino.

“Tony and Aaron also had to carry out exit meetings with all of the players so everyone has been all hands on deck

“We will continue to carry until instructed otherwise by the Government and are available to answer any questions from fans if they direct them our way”

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