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What a Great Night We had ……

What a Great Night We had ……

The Steelers Season Ticket Holders Night at the Arena was a huge success. Who says so ….. the 1600 people who attended – they had a great time.

The doors of the Arena opened at 6pm and the last person left the Arena some three and a half hours later.

In between the guys practised hard, played some fun games, signed autographs and entertained sponsors.

One lucky lady won £715 on the 50-50, 8 great raffle prizes were claimed and all season ticket holders started their Christmas shopping with 20% off Steelers merchandise on the night.

Many of the clubs sponsors were in attendance. They enjoyed their dinner at the arena prior to the training session starting.

Head coach Aaron Fox was also in attendance, he and David Simms spoke about what they could expect to see out on the ice later. Fox also went into detail about how the team train and how each day they build and build up to the weekend’s games.

Then the attention turned to the Ice at the Arena. Some 1600 season ticket holders had made their way to watch the team practise and then to meet the players afterwards on concourse level.

  • DJW_0452
  • DJW_1171
  • DJW_1052

Fox was joined on the ice by Carter beston Wills – who helped keep everyone in check throughout the night.

Danny Mawer too was on the ice. Danny had all the players wired up with heart monitors and throughout the training, session fans could see the heart rate of the players on the big screen.


Once Aaron had put the team through its paces then it was time to have some fun.

The fastest skating competition was the first competition and Tanner Eberle beating Aaron Brocklehurst in the Final.

The shooting contest went into a sudden death shoot out after Brendan Connolly and Nikoli Lemtyugov had tied in the first round of shooting.

Connolly then upped the game scoring 3 out of three to win the competition.

  • DJW_1455
  • DJW_1408
  • DJW_1477

The on-ice session ended with a four man relay.

  • DJW_1657
  • DJW_1616
  • DeLuca

Then it was time to head up to concourse level and meet the fans.

  • DJW_1968
  • DJW_1964
  • DJW_1830

The majority of the fans remained – it was packed as the players split themselves up so they could sign as many autographs as possible.

The Steelers shop was busy all night – even owner Tony Smith manned the stalls.


Lots of photos were taken – as always Nikolai was a big favourite though he did make this young fan cry – Poor old Nikolai

  • DJW_1786
  • DJW_1778
  • DJW_1873
  • DJW_1911
  • DJW_1811

There was a 50-50, of course, there was and the winner was June Gude who took home £715 – Nikolai was on hand to present the prize.

Eight great prizes on the raffle, a free season ticket, a framed and signed shirt, 2 tickets to see The Script at the Arena, four “five guys” vouchers and some VIP passes for Saturday’s game against Nottingham.

    Are any of these yours?

After the night had ended poor old Lexie Baker had still not met her favourite player, Jonathan Phillips.

No problem, she had the guided tour and we took her down to the dressing room where she met the captain and had a seat on the team bench


Owner Tony Smith thanked all of the “Season Ticket” holders who attended saying “We didn’t know what to expect last night

“Whether 100 or a thousand would attend, in the end, it was 1600 and we can’t thank them enough. We tried to put on a good event that they would enjoy and remember. The feedback on the night and since has been amazing. It seems we did a good job

“So thanks to the coach, the players and the staff for working late but most of all to the season ticket holders who attended and really made it a great Steelers night – Thank You”

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