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When Thomas met his new Steelers friends.

When Thomas met his new Steelers friends.

Last week Thomas Renshaw, aged just 7, didn’t like the Steelers one little bit.

Firstly he was a Nottingham Panthers fan, secondly, he had just been hit in the head by a puck, shot by Davey Phillips.

This week young Thomas is now torn between both clubs after the Steelers invited the young man to last night’s game against Manchester.

“I asked him at the end of the night who he supported,” said Robert Dowd. “And there was a big pause – I think we might have turned him to Orange”

The night started early for Thomas and his family, meeting Davey Phillips who was on hand to apologise once again “I felt terrible last Saturday” he said.

Phillips went on to say:

“when a puck goes over the glass you always think, I hope that hasn’t hit anyone, and then when you see it has and that it’s a young lad you feel horrible

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“He has a great glory scar now and he seems ok which is good to see. It was nice the club invited him down and it was great to meet him. I’m not so happy that he chose Dowdy as his favourite Steeler though”

Thomas and his family enjoyed the game with his Dad even commenting that “I never thought I’d be cheering the Steelers on” after the game.

Steelers presented Thomas with his own Steelers shirt that he immediately put on wearing the number #75 Dowd on the back.

“All the guys heard right away that some lad had been hit by Davey’s shot,” said Dowdy.  “After the game, I was told he had my shirt on so I had to go and meet him and his family.

“I think he is a Steelers fan now, he looked good in Orange. He is welcome down here any time to meet the guys. We are just happy he is ok”

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So then Thomas, who will you be cheering on Saturday? Steelers or Panthers?



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