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Who would play on your Steelers line?

Who would play on your Steelers line?

If you visit the Steelers facebook page: HERE:  you will see we have a little fun post up asking you to name the all time Steelers line that you would like to play on.

It can be names from the present or the past and from any era.

You can play in goal and choose 5 skaters on your line or you can play D with one Steelers player from the past and three forwards, or play up front – the choice is yours.

To help we asked a few Steelers, past and present, to name their perfect line.

Jonathan Phillips

“I’m old enough for two lines, one from the past and one more recent” he said “from the past I’m going Jody Lehman, Steve Munn, Rod Sarich, Joey Talbot, Jeff Legue and myself

“More recent, well I’m still going with Jody in goal, Benny (O’Connor) and Davey (Phillips) on the blue line with Jonas Westerling and Tanner Eberle up front”

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas played 615 games with the Steelers so he has a big selection group to pick from

“Jody is the easy one” he said “so with Lehman i’d like to go with Sarich and Munn but I can’t have both if I have to be on the line. I’ll take Munners spot otherwise we would have to much offence on the line” he joked.

“So Lehman, Sarich, myself, Legue, Talbot and Ben Simon”

Mike O’Connor

Big Mike (Ben’s dad to you younger fans) played 190 games for the Steelers, before that he ruled the roost in Durham and for the GB National side.

“I’m going with Wayne Cowley in goal, he helped us win the 96 Grand Slam so thats a good start. I’ll play with Ron Shudra at the back and up front we will go with Tony Hand in between Ken Priestlay and Mike Blaisdell”

So, who makes your Steelers line. Remember you have to be on the line.

Who is on your Steelers Line? Click HERE to enter your linemates.



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